Who we are…

We were chartered on May 15, 1976 with twenty-two 99s on the roster. We bid-farewell to the Indiana chapter and embarked on our journey. Over the last forty years we have been very involved with many aspects of the Ninety-Nines, Inc., mission: to promote world fellowship through flight, provide networking and scholarship opportunities for women and aviation education in the community, and to preserve the unique history of women in aviation.

We encompass northwest and northeast Indiana with Lake Michigan and the Dunes State Park as our northern border and Grand Rapids, MI as more-or-less our eastern area.

We continue to provide Aerospace Education in the schools and for scout troops, hold air proficiency rallies, procure aviation-related speakers for  meetings, sell Ways-and-Means items to provide funds for scholarships and donations, assist in air-marking projects at airports, provide support at transcontinental Air Race Classic rallies, fly out for lunch together, plus many, many more activities. Our chapter is open to ladies who are interested in investigating the world of flying. If you are a student pilot and would like to join the 99s, come along!  We often have a CFI along when we fly together so you can fly as well!

Join the Dunes Chapter and come along for all of the fun!  We frequently fly in to different destinations and meet for a museum tour, lunch, and other fun activities!  You must be 16 years old* and a student pilot to join. Visit our calendar to see what’s coming up, email our chapter chairman, Tricia DeBlock, and join us for some fun!

Chapter Dues: $15 a year

*or 14 years old if you are planning to pilot a glider or balloon.  See the FAA website for more details, and contact us if you have any questions!

Become an official member of the Ninety-Nines on an international level by clicking here.  You can also join as a student pilot!  By joining the Ninety Nines you get the benefits of:

International Dues: $65 a year (student pilot $35 a year)