Below is a list of available scholarships.  Be sure to click through to learn more about each of them!

Contact us if you know of more scholarships that we can add to this list!



Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship

Fly Now Award (student pilots)

Karen Johnson Solo Scholarship

Women in Aviation Scholarships

WAI Spirit of Flight Scholarship

AOPA Primary Flight Training Scholarship

AOPA Advanced Flight Training Scholarship

EAA Flight Training Scholarship List

SMS Pro Aviation Scholarship (July 1st and December 1st)

Get Into the AIR Scholarship

I Hart Flying (for women 18-26 looking to get their Private)

FullThrottle Aviation Skills Enhancement Flight Training Scholarship (for instrument rated commercial pilots needing to build time)

FullThrottle Aviation Internship Program (join a ferry pilot for up to 100 hrs. of flying time)

Judith Resnik Memorial Scholarship (for CFI and CFI-I ratings)

F.A.S.T. Scholarship

Mommy Pilots Scholarship